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happened to find myself stranded in California for a week, naturally I spent most of my time enjoying the fantastic beaches and…. Interesting locals.

Seriously… California’s crazy to normal population ratio is a tad askew.

However, I dedicated many of my nights to training at one of the greatest parkour/freerunning gyms in the United States. Tempest Freerunning Academy!

Tempest has 3 flagship gyms across the State of California each with their own unique style. Each gym was designed by X Games course builder Nate Wessel so you know you are going to get a good challenge. The point of a parkour/freerunning gym is to challenge practitioners and provide a space for the community to come together. I can confirm that Tempest absolutely provides this service.

While at tempest I met practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced to Iron Man’s stunt double! Just watching someone else move gives you a new perspective on your own training and almost everyone is willing to take a couple of minutes to share their knowledge.

If you are ever in California I would highly advise visiting one of Tempest’s gyms, even if you aren’t involved in the parkour/freerunning/movement world. You can find their locations here:

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