Adventures of Bryan | 4 Guys’ Perilous Journey Across America
An epic journey across unkown lands. 14 breakdowns, sketchy meetings and the nomad life.
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4 Guys’ Perilous Journey Across America

s many of you may know I run a second YouTube Channel called ‘Going Nomad’ with 3 of my closest friends.

Well, last week we released our premiere film ‘The Long Road Home’ which documents our Summer travels across the United States. We managed to drive over 6500 miles meandering our way from the East to West Coast in the sketchiest vehicle to ever exist: Erma The Great.

Now, since we were homeless for the duration of this trip it was filled with suitably sketchy moments… From breaking down 14 times, waking up in the most random locations, trusting complete strangers with our lives and avoiding mountain lion attacks we really went through it all.

The entire journey has been compressed into a 37 minute epic film showing exactly what we survived and how we did it! Feel free to give it a watch and subscribe if you want to see more content like this!

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