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How to use failure to create success. Lessons I have learned from 6 years of human movement.
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Fail - To Achieve

I have a passion for human movement, anything from parkour right through to dance – I love it all. But, movement can prove to be a cruel mistress. The only way to achieve in any discipline is through failure. Over, and over again.

Take my current struggle with learning Gainers. A remarkably simple move involving doing a backflip off of one leg. Sounds easy right?
Well… this has been my journey over the last 6 months:

See, the issue is throwing your body upside down off of one leg is actually completely unnatural many intricate nuances are involved.

This is what people don’t normally see. They never see the 100s of hours of effort put in behind the scenes, they never see the 1000s of imperfect attempts, they only see 1 short little perfect snippet hand picked from the mountain of failure.

I apply this mindset to everything in life. If you see someone who has something you want, just realize they have worked an uncountable number of hours in order to have it.

So, what about those gainers? Well now they look like this!

Still about 1000 attempts off of perfect, but I am certainly getting there! I know going into a new move that I am going to fall on my face at least 100 times before getting anywhere. I apply this metaphorically to everything else I do in life. That hard final exam you have coming up, that weight you can’t lift, that paper you can’t write, that job you can’t get and that business you can’t start can all be achieved through metaphorically flipping your body upside down and falling on your face. In order to get to where you need to be you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and fail over and over again until you progressively learn how to achieve.
Success is exclusively achieved through failure.


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