Adventures of Bryan | Bergamo, Italy – The Hidden Gem
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Bergamo, Italy -The Hidden Gem

ergamo is a stunning city. I bagged myself a tasty one way £20 flight to this fairly unknown location with absolutely no plan. If you love the idea of 1000s of tourists, high end shops and everyone speaking English, stick to Milan you muggle! Otherwise, get your ass on a plane to Bergamo Рthe skyline is to dye for!

Bergamo is almost untouched by tourism meaning you will have to be pretty savvy in getting around, one thing is however a certain: the locals are lovely and are willing to chat away and provide directions or help as needed!

The first port of call is to check out Bergamo’s stunning Citt√† Alta. With its cobbled streets, 16th century Venetian Walls and free museums you would be mad to not check it out. I highly advise going at sunrise to get the best shots from Upper Bergamo across Lower Bergamo. Trust me, when I did just that the locals went crazy and reposted my photos all over the internet, including the official tourist board!


Okay, it is Italy so obviously the food is to die for. But Bergamo has some of the best food I have ever tasted. Walking around the Upper City you will come across many shops that look like these:

For the love of all things Holy go in and buy stuff.

Oh my days, the food. I can’t describe. Just…. Just go eat.

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